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Hermien Grobler

Release - Reset - Rejuvenate

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Meet Hermien

I am a mind-body therapist with more than ten years experience in various alternative healing modalities, which I offer from a small practice in Kleinbrak Rivier, Western Cape, South Africa.

I specialise in the importance of self-care and believe that my skill and expertise is beneficial to anybody, whether they are on a healing journey, going through grief, experiencing trauma or just simply need a safe place for rest and recharge.

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My Specializations

As a Mind-Body specialist, I provide bespoke mind-body therapy, including Body Touch, Reiki, Reflexology, and Chakra work.

Available to clients is an essential oil apothecary where I dispense healing elixirs following Ayurvedic principles and with the use of medicinal grade body product, pure essential oils. 

With the use of Tibetan Singing Bowls I offer sound therapy, vibrational and frequency therapy during private sessions as well as couple and group sessions. 

I offer personalised physical  therapy sessions for canines with mobility issues as well as  post-surgery or physical trauma rehabilitation.

The Heart Frequency Day Retreat
15 Apr, 08:00
Klein Brak River

Full Body Energy Reset

Sound Therapy

Vibrational Therapy

Trauma and Loss

Canine Trauma Rehab

Guided Meditation