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Why Is Freedom Of Press Important Essay

Governments, especially in third world countries, are known to limit Freedom of Press for a multitude of reasons. Why is Freedom of Press Important? The Press acts as a medium of communication between people and the government they have elected. Freedom of Press is important to highlight various issues in governance and disseminate necessary information.

  • The importance of the Freedom of the press lies in the fact that the majority of citizens lack the capacity or ability to gather newsworthy events that are necessary to inspire political or social action. In seeking out this information or news, the Media seeks to bridge the gap between society and newsworthy events (Barendt, 2016).

  • The freedom of press is most important, if it has to take active part in struggle against the evils. If press becomes just a tool in the hands of the government then what else can it do except propagate and harp on the government’s policies. Unless the press itself enjoys freedom, how can it become the defender and supporter of the rights and.

  • Freedom of press means newspapers can print news and views without being censored or barred by any authority. When press enjoys freedom, it indicates that the press can publish news and opinions on any issues without.