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About Me

Before I made the transition to step into my calling as mind-body therapist, I worked in the corporate world for many years and practiced healing arts as a hobby.

 I found in myself an instinctive and intuitive ability for healing and therefore started to pursue and study this craft as often as my busy corporate life would allow.

In 2009 I moved to Qatar and I had the opportunity to start my small healing practice. While in the Middle East, I was afforded the ability to study and practice and to hone my skill. What started as a hobby transformed into a passion enterprise and oasis for clients from many varied nationalities and walks of life.


In 2022, It was time to move my practice to my home country of South Africa in order to establish a permanent base from which to work and grow. 

With an intimate understanding of metaphysics, I am able to guide clients on a journey to healing on emotional, mental and spiritual energy levels. My intuitive knowing, has allowed me the ability to identify underlying issues that lead to various ailments. Thereby allowing my knowledge and experience to guide you along your path of healing by using frequency, vibration, sound, touch, oils and energy.

The therapies I offer are rooted in psychology, ayurvedic principal, frequency and essential oils.  


Education and Certifications


* Reiki Level 3  -  Oct 2004 - RSA

* Reflexology -  July 2005 - RSA

* Essential oils and aromatherapy apprenticeship - Jan 2006

* Cert of attainment Intro to Psychology – May 2015 - UK

* Cert of attainment Psychology & Counselling – Sep 2015 - UK

* Cert of attainment Industrial Psychology – Sep 2015 - UK

* Certificate Sound Therapy Level one – Sep 2016 - Qatar

* Certificate Sound Therapy Level two – Nov 2016 - Qatar

* Diploma Master Practitioner - Dec 2016 - Qatar


* Diploma, Canine Behavior Training - July 2019 - UK - Distinction 

* Diploma, Canine Holistic Health -  Nov 2019 - UK - Distinction 

* Diploma, Veterinary Assistant - May 2020 - UK - Distinction 

* Diploma, Animal Reiki - July 2020 - UK - Distinction 



My task as mind-body therapist,  is to assist and  guide a client in their healing  journey, by  facilitating a re-balance of their physical, emotional and energy body. 

I focus on the being and not the disease. Therefore the work varies, depending on the needs of every individual.


My work is based on applied understanding of the different energy fields generated by the chakra system and how it affects the emotional and physical body.

My Philosophy

I see my client as a whole being, whom I assist to realise their highest possible level of balance  and connectedness,  between their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual bodies.

I believe in the innate power of every individual to heal themselves with guidance and through my work, I assist clients in understanding and using their own powers, to embark on a journey to personal healing.

I maintain the highest level of  privacy for each client and hold in complete confidence all of the information shared with me during our journey together.

Only a handful of people worldwide are born with a gift of being a conduit to healing earth energy. I am grateful to be one of these individuals and I endeavour to carry onward and upward with sharing my gift, calling and passion with everyone who seeks healing and balance.  


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